Foster Western Canada's ability to participate in the space economy

Ascension West is the bridge between the Canadian space sector and traditional industries in Western Canada

Ascension West is the bridge between the Canadian space sector and traditional industries in Western Canada. In the very near future, humanity will begin to harvest, refine, and utilize resources in space. Western Canada as the skills, infrastructure, and knowledge to become the global hub for industrial activity bound for outer space. 

Earth has limited resources

We know that we have a finite quantity of metals, minerals, and other raw materials on Earth. In order to keep growing our civilization, we need access to abundant resources.

Humanity is able to access unlimited resources in space

The resources available to us in our own solar system will allow us to grow our civilization exponentially while providing a high living standard to everyone and lowering our environmental impact to zero. 

Our Future is in Space

Ascension West was created to fully enable Western Canada to participate in the space economy. We aim to educate industry groups, companies, and the government about the opportunities ahead of us and how Western Canada can play a key role in the developing space resources market.

Space Resources

On the rocky bodies in our solar system such as the Moon, Mars, and asteroids, we have found an abundance of resources. There are metal, minerals, clays, and other raw resources in vast quantities. Scientists have also located water all over the solar system that can be used for life support and rocket fuel

Western Canada

Westner Canada has a vast supply chain, manufacturing capability, and technical competency developed for our energy sector. We have a vast knowledge of modular construction, mega-project engineering, and resource management. We also have a strong educational system and financial institutions that have experience in working with companies to develop programs necessary to achieve industry goals.

Space Technology

As companies and governments around the world develop new technologies geared towards space, we can spin that technology into applications on Earth. New techniques, instruments, and processes are being designed right now that will have a dramatic commercial impact in our daily lives.