Ascension West is the focal point for the discussion of the space resource industry in Western Canada. Our goal is to enable Western Canadian companies, universities, and individuals to be able to participate in the space economy. We want to showcase our talent to the greater space community and educate Canadians about the opportunities in space resources.

Zac Trolley - Executive Director

Zac Trolley is an experienced project engineer with a diverse background and skill set. He has over 10 years experience in managing projects in the energy industry. In addition to his technical aptitude, he is also an intrepid adventurer, dabbling futurist, and talented communicator. Driven by a passion to see humanity expand beyond Earth’s gravity Zac has invested a larger portion of his time to understand how humans could live on Mars.

Ryan Hofer - Founding Director

Ryan is educated in International Business and Astrophysics. As a graduate of startup accelerator programs on 3 continents has developed his early business acumen. Further experience areas include international trade development in Asia, and working with complex systems to address growing issues. As founding president of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Calgary, he and his team broke barriers in academic innovation between faculties and post-secondary institutions at the student level.