Ascension West has developed multi-direction approach to provide resources for companies and individuals to educate themselves about space resources. We develop original content, perform face to face consulting, and broad industry research. Our aim is to ensure decision-makers have the information they need to confidently operate in the space ecosystem.


The space industry is rapidly evolving and changing to meet future government and commercial needs. New technology is being developed at a rapid pace in all sectors. This provides an opportunity for Western Canadian companies to provide solutions as well as incorporate technology from other areas into their operations.


With so many moving parts it’s important to understand where your organization can fit into the larger picture. We help facilitate meetings between siloed industries and government agencies. We help fill the unknown unknowns in the adoption of space technology and space resources. 


We provide support and insight into the business and market needs of industries aid you in your product development. Our goal is to get your technology providing solutions to real-world problems. 

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We conduct an in-depth analysis of your goals and obstacles to maximize your resources. We align your needs with a vetted technology partner and aid in implementing a viable solution.


We firmly believe that incredible value exists when ideas are freely available and allow to flow between industry lines. We enable our members to see the value that their exiting assets have in new markets. 

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